Towards a Weighted Voting System for Q&A Sites


Q&A sites have become popular to share and look for valuable knowledge. Users can easily and quickly access high quality answers to common questions. The main mechanism to label good answers is to count the votes per answer. This mechanism, however, does not consider whether other answers were present at the time when a vote is given. Consequently, good answers that were given later are likely to receive less votes than they would have received if given earlier. In this paper we present a Weighted Votes (WV) metric that gives different weights to the votes depending on how many answers were present when the vote is performed. The idea behind WV is to emphasize the answer that receives most of the votes when most of the answers were already posted. Mining the Stack Overflow data dump we show that the WV metric is able to highlight between 4.07% and 10.82% answers that differ from the most voted ones.


3 Figures and Tables

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