Treatment of tubal pregnancy by laparoscopic laser surgery.


We present 150 consecutive cases of tubal pregnancy treated by laparoscopic techniques. A three-puncture technique was used. 74 cases were treated conservatively by linear salpingotomy with carbon dioxide laser laparoscopy and 76 cases were treated nonconservatively through the laparoscope by salpingectomy or tubal resection. Contra-indications to laparoscopic surgery were haemodynamically unstable patient and interstitial pregnancy. Seventy-five per cent of all tubal pregnancies were treated by laparoscopy in the period studied. No complications were encountered during the laparoscopic operations. Two patients needed a second laparoscopy, while 2 others underwent a subsequent laparotomy. This study has shown that tubal ectopic pregnancies can in most cases be effectively managed by laparoscopic techniques.


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