A Science Data System approach for the DESDynI mission


Amongst the many key challenges to the Science Data System (SDS) for the DESDynI (Deformation, Eco-system Structure, and Dynamics of Ice) mission is the exceptionally large data volume (on the order of 5 tera-byte per day) acquired by the radar and the consequent huge volume of data products produced (on the order of 16 peta-bytes per year). This paper presents an SDS conceptual approach to effectively and efficiently support the mission. The features of this SDS approach include: 1) A modular functional architecture that is based on the proven Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT) based framework, 2) the application of a Testbed Concept that facilitates the morphing of scientific algorithms to operational codes, and 3) innovative data staging, storage and backup strategies. This SDS approach is expected to form a strong basis for helping DESDynI achieve its many science goals and objectives.


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