Inheritance of Resistance to Bunt, Tilletia Tritici, in Sherman and Oro Wheat Hybrids.


In previous publications, the inheritance of resistance to bunt, TiCZetia tritici (Bjerk) Wint., in hybrids with eight resistant varieties of wheat, has been reported. The resistance of Martin (BRIGGS 1926), White Odessa (BRIGGS 1930b), Banner Berkeley (BRIGGS 1931), and Odessa (BRIGGS 193213) wheat varieties has been shown to result from the same dominant factor in each case. This factor has been designated as the Martin factor ( M ) . Hussar wheat (BRIGGS 1926, 1930a) depends on two factors for its resistance, the Martin and Hussar (R) factors. This second factor is not completely dominant, as bunt occurs on a part of the heterozygous plants. Selections 1418 and 1403 each have only the Hussar factor. Turkey 1558 and Turkey 3055 (BRIGGS 1932a) each have a single factor for resistance to this disease which has been designated as the Turkey factor ( T ) . This factor is similar to the Hussar factor in effect. Data are presented here to show the number of factors for resistance to bunt in Sherman and Or0 wheats. The crosses necessary for identifying these factors are available.


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